Dear Diary,

First day in Aikido class…

At 16.15, running like hell to Sport Hall…. see a very tall and attractive guy with black curly hair, somehow he looks like a Japanese or Korean with colorful T-shirt and jeans and backpack ….

Feeling like a nerd with huge glasses, wearing Vietnamese-flag T-shirt, “enormous” helmet in right hand while my left hand is busy holding my Visual stuffs (looks immensely messy!!!)

Walk in to the hall with a more-than-confused and want-to-dig-a hole face, a little bit embarrassed….

No clothes for newbie… hummm… got to wear a 1m70 clothes, look exactly like a slim cat in an enormous sock….

Ok practice rolling around with my right arm, the guy who teaches me looks pretty short, honey-pie-cake skin and organized hair….

Then a tall, gangster-alike man appears, looks like the “leader of this pack”, could hardly define what his real characteristic is but he has such intense passion in this martial art…

“You have to bow down in front of the carpet you are standing on… the ancestor of this respectful sport… and your colleagues”

“Try to relax, have fun, we are your big family, everything you learned in this class will be more than helpful for you in your future life…. it shapes your personality and the way you treat everyone… it is not just a sport… it is our spiritual world where simplicity, calmness and friendship are exalted….”

“It is a circle, when you roll, the starting point is the end point, it is the contrast of black and white, the highest perfection of black is white and vice versa….”

“There are many things in this art, I will tell you later, but you will see, how you will change…”

“In the Vietnamese society, learn your best when you are learning, and do anything to pass in your exam… it is not ideal for other countries, but you have to adapt to this fact”

“When you got your black belt, it does not mean that you are the best soldier in this class, it means you are invited to Aikido, it is the start of your actual journey in this world, to the country of shakura, it is your official entrance to a higher stage of practice…”

Meet a girl, telling myself, I met you somewhere, you are the one I have been waiting for … or anything like that…

She is somehow just like me, try to fit in, find a spot in this university among the evil-hidden-behind-angle faces, saying “well, your friends will affected you for your whole life, find somebody who you can be with in the future”

“Everyone loves us, we are a small family, and we are happy with who we really are in this club, we do not have to feel uncomfortable with our weaknesses or imperfection, leave those things outside the door, in this place, you are yourself and be praised for the true person”

New feelings, new journey, find out that this world is not only filled with empty promises, somehow, it is still the best place to exist.

Being reminded of my lovely teacher, he still remembers me, at least, got to see him again, I miss you too, Mr. Nonsense, miss your hilarious sense and relaxing smile, every time seeing it, feeling better every seconds… (I am writing nonsense sentences with (a big bowl of) several grammatical errors)