Recommendation: Let your soul flow with every single note of the song 🙂

Hello, it’s me again..

I know that it is immensely annoying to hear my stories everyday, but… it is a pleasure, my diary!!!!

Listening to Justin Timberlake (Mr. Elegant), Mirrors the song, just love the way it reflects my thoughts in an idealistic way….

Well, this is my 2nd semester, I just… have so many things in this tiny brain…

I met new friends, new people, I have a great girl with me, my “indivisible maiden”… well may be sometimes, when we have to go home or the toilet 🙂

Somehow the loneliness still finds me, even though I am pretty good at “hind and seek”… I get into Professional Communication, finding new ways to hind my coward person, trying to abandon my shell, but still it is the best home for me… sometimes…

It is imperative to be single (or alone.. in my perspective) to do good in university… but still it’s hard to unplug my brain out of the thought of “obtaining” a boy for myself…

Maybe because I have so much free time at the moment ….go online, type everything in my head to the blank screen that I have always been afraid of looking at every time I start a new report…..

Going to university is such a big change, now I understand that fact, it is not just about the homework….

“Show me how to fight for now… and I’ll tell you baby it was easy coming back into you once I figured it out…. I could not get any bigger, with anyone else beside of me”

I gonna learn to fight… somehow, like what I am trying to do….

There’s a time when I just wonder how I will spend time on my boy, actually, I am not that …available, I have many things to do….

It is somehow a promise between me, myself and my mom that I am not going to have any “first kiss” in university, although I thought I would have it several months ago….

Arrrrrr….. I am annoying….. 😦