What is an idea?

Idea is an unexpected combination of fragmented pieces of our life, where you put seemingly irrelevant things in juxtaposition that makes such logical result.

How can I get ideas?

  1. Get resources
  2. Masticate them into smaller pieces
  3. Forget all about them, like when you put food to rest after marinating
  4. Suddenly, the idea appears

Condition my mind – no. 1: Have fun!

Have fun when you are doing things. It helps to bring out creativity.

Condition my mind – no.2: Be a child

Look at your world like children, live, think, ask questions like them. Be crazy, be naive, be free…

What will a cat do when he meet a long-neck dinosaur? I saw cats hit crocodile before.
Will he clime on the neck, or try to scratch the leg?

I used to have a question: In commercial for armpit deodorant, it is always about the female who uses the product and gets attention from the male, then they have happy relationship. I just wonder, why don’t they make a commercial with a guy running after a female just to ask where she got the product from. Then, he uses it to attract another male…

Condition my mind – no.3: Idea-Magnetor

Ideas only come to people who believe that they will get them. Like they are floating around you, and you just wait for them to land on your shoulder.

People create their own self-image, to reflect themselves and their brains subconsciously make them think, act and become like that self-image. If you think of yourself as an untalented person, you would be one, eventually.

So, think differently and believe in yourself.