Today, I watched 2 Ted talks. One is about Sexting, another is about giving Sexual activity a different metaphor instead of playing baseball.

Sexting is when you send your nude images to someone else. The problem is you don’t know if that person would keep it or disseminate it out without your permission. This eventually is an act of violating personal privacy.

Besides, when it comes to the law, everyone would blame the person that sexts (the one sending nude picture). The reason is because they think that Sexting is purely a bad behavior. But actually, it is not. It is the violation of privacy that brings the problem.

Victims are usually teenagers, who just want to send their images to boyfriend or girlfriend, the one they trust that would keep the privacy between 2 people.

To solve the problem, everyone should ask the picture’s owner their permission before sharing out the images. The applications or companies related to sharing function, can add in the option for users to choose whether they want the images to be forwarded, copied or shared.

The other one is about giving Sex a new metaphor – eating Pizza, because it is a controlled action, with conversation, compassion & internal desires between 2 people, not the competition between to opposing team, like people usually think of.